Catch Up

Hello! A few things to catch up on since June.

Payroll: Because of legislative changes, the PAYG Tax Tables have been updated and took effect on 1st October. Your employees might have seen some differences in their net pays this week.

Q2 BAS: It’s time to get all your paperwork to me – whether you upload it somewhere or send it to me. Getting paperwork in the last 2 weeks before the lodgement deadline makes it almost impossible to process. The earlier, the better please! BAS must be lodged and paid by 25th November, if I lodge for you. It needs to be ready for lodgement well before that!

Pricing Changes: Pricing has not been updated in nearly 3 years (about 2 years 10 months). Absolute Ledgers has been moving to fixed fees for most clients. Some of you are already on fixed fees, some aren’t yet. Mine is a value based service with lots of intellectual property which is kept up-to-date. It’s not about the time it takes, but more about the knowledge I have to achieve a desired result efficiently, which makes hourly rates a little irrelevant. It’s also about the changing cost of bringing my service to you. This is the way the industry has moved and I would like to keep in line with others. I’m a member of various internet and local bookkeeping groups and one thing is very clear, the general business model for bookkeepers, especially experienced ones like me, is about weekly or monthly fixed fees. One of the many benefits to you is that you will know exactly what you’ll be paying each week or month for your bookkeeping. To that end, I will be calling some of you over the next little while to discuss pricing changes specific to your situation.

As always, thank you for the work!





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