November Update

Hola Lovely Clients!


It’s been a busy few months! Thanks for all the work for last quarter. Much appreciated. For a few of you, it was a race to the end of the final BAS lodgement date. Just one straggler left!


Part of your agreement with me is that I need your paperwork to me as soon as possible after the end of the quarter, so I can schedule the work and have enough time to process. For the December quarter, all paperwork must be with me by the end of January at the latest, please. I prefer to get paperwork monthly. It’s easier on my schedule. It also means you can see how your business is doing, monthly. Thanks to everyone who got their paperwork to me on time! It really does make everything run more smoothly!

I know Christmas and New Year is generally a very busy time for 80% of you, so please still be mindful of your compliance requirements.

It bears repeating – if you send me crumpled and unreadable documents, receipts, invoices and so on, I can’t extract any meaningful information from them. Don’t leave thermal receipts anywhere they are rubbing up against anything, anywhere it’s hot, or anywhere they get crumpled. They need to be readable for 5 years!


I’m taking a small break from Thursday, 1st December for two weeks. Actually, I’m still working, doing payrolls and so on, just from another location. It’s half a holiday. Kind of. I’m in Sydney (west) if any Sydney people want to meet up (I won’t have any transport for much of the time). I’ll be in my old stomping ground, the Eastern Suburbs, at least one of days, if not more.

I’m still contactable (call is preferable) but like last time, the internet where I’ll be is generally non-existent. I will be tethering my iPhone to my laptop, for the most part, to access the internet. That’s slow, cumbersome and doesn’t have much bandwidth or allowance. To that end, I’d very much appreciate payroll information by midday please. If it’s at all possible, I will travel over to where there’s free Telstra Air on payroll days – Mondays and Thursdays.


Next BAS is due on 28th February. Super is due for the December quarter by 28th January.

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